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Governor Support Services

Providing comprehensive support for Clerking, Training and Development for governing bodies of schools and academies


The Governor Services Team assists governors and leaders to fulfil their legal responsibilities, to effectively lead and manage their schools/academies and develop their skills and knowledge to support school improvement.

The Governor Services Team provides comprehensive support packages for Clerking, Training and Development for governing bodies of both schools and academies in Warrington.

Governing Bodies can choose to buy into the elements of the service level agreement that they require and that meet their particular needs. The service level agreement has been designed to provide a level of flexibility and value for money.

The core clerking service is now complimented by a range of additional services which have come about through the direct consulation with schools, governing bodies and governors forum. These adddtional services can be purchased as additional elements allowing schools/governing bodies the flexibilty to develop their own bespoke service level agreement. The services include

1) The core clerking service
2) Clerking of addtional meetings (individual, three, six and nine)
3) Comprehensive governors training programme (purchased on an pay as you attend basis through the School Training SLA)
4) Membership to Modern Governor e-learning professional development materials
5) Membership to the National Governors Association (Standard and Gold membership)
6) Reviews of school governance
7) Bespoke governor training

More Details

Governing Body Clerking and Support

The Governor Services, Clerking and Support Service is highly regarded and recognised as a professional, high quality provision which is responsive to the changing needs of schools/academies.

Through the clerking service, the team will:

  • Provide Governor Support Officers experienced in minute writing and meeting procedures who produce an accurate account of meetings that record clear resolutions and detail challenge and support.
  • Ensure that governing bodies comply with governance law and procedure in undertaking their statutory duties.
  • Assist the Governing Body in agenda planning, preparation and the distribution of relevant documentation to ensure they fulfil their statutory duties.
  • Provide procedural advice on difficult issues such as confidentiality and pecuniary interest.
  • Provide a service to meet the individual requirements of governing bodies subject to the capacity of the team.
  • Assist governing bodies in establishing and reviewing their committee arrangements and delegation structures in order to comply with legal requirements.
  • Ensure governing bodies comply with regulations that prevent any governor or Headteacher/principal from clerking full governing body meetings.
  • Provide a prompt response to telephone calls and emails in order to access a wide range of knowledge and experience, and information and advice on current issues and good practice.
  • Provide up-to-date independent and impartial advice on matters affecting governing bodies.
  • Assist with the sharing of good practice and problem solving.
  • Help maintain links between schools/academies and the Local Authority with its wide network of services.
  • Provide a termly briefing session for Chairs of Governors to equip them with the knowledge, information and advice needed to effectively undertake their role.

Clerking of three full governing body meetings per year plus full support, advice and guidance

This service is for those governing bodies requiring three termly meetings clerked per year with full support and independent advice for governors and school/academy leaders.

The Governor Services Team will:

  • With the governing body, establish mutually convenient dates for the academic year.
  • Agree by telephone or e-mail draft agendas with chairs and Head teachers/Principals before issuing the final agreed agenda to governors.
  • Notify governors in writing in advance of meetings which are to take place.
  • Send agendas and any available supporting papers to governors at least seven clear days before the date of the meeting.
  • Provide a Governance Support Officer who has undertaken the National Training Programme for Clerks to Governors-
  • to advise on meeting procedures and to take accurate minutes of the meeting;
  • to ensure the governing body fulfils its legal obligations in respect of governance law and procedure.
  • Prepare draft minutes of the meeting and provide them to the Chair and Head Teacher within 15 school days of the meeting, agree them with the chair of governors and make a copy available in the school/academy with copies to be distributed to all governors with the agenda for the next meeting.
  • Keep governing bodies up to date with any relevant changes to education legislation and law and provide information from other teams within the Authority from time to time that affects school/academy governance.
  • Take follow up action as appropriate and refer matters for action to other relevant teams of the Authority, and ensure a report back to the next meeting or before the next meeting if required.
  • Assist the governing body in establishing and reviewing a committee structure which ensures compliance with legal requirements in respect of financial and staffing delegation structures.
  • Maintain a record of governor attendances at meetings, monitor application of regulations on non-attendance and, where appropriate, write to non-attending governors.
  • Give to the appropriate appointing bodies advanced notice of any expiry of terms of office of governors.
  • Write to new governors, notifying them of their appointment where appropriate and provide a copy of the instrument of government and any other general induction material as necessary.
  • Maintain a database of governing body records which includes details on membership, terms of office, dates of meetings, attendance and information on specific roles and responsibilities of individual governors. (Data stored securely in compliance with the Data Protection Act)
  • Provide full support, advice and guidance for all members of the governing body on governance law and procedure.

Contact Details

Governors Team Helpline: 01925 442949